About OVO Vibrators

ovo rabbit vibrator

OVO is a German design company that specialises in making high quality, sophisticated sex toys. All sex toys designed and produced by OVO are guaranteed to be of the highest quality possible. The artful and culturally appropriate designs are couples with innovative technology to produce a product that is world class. OVO designs toys with the premise that sex toys are for ladies and should be designed accordingly. OVO designs toys that the modern women would be proud to own and aims to redefine the way society looks at sex toys. Inspiration comes from the gorgeous city of Berlin, where fashion, design and attention to detail are mixed with superb engineering. The evidence of a love for all things gorgeous is plentiful in Berlin.

OVO has been the recipients of 117 design awards. In no other industry has a company been the recipient of so many prestigious awards for design. Among the awards are 36 ‘Red Dot’ design awards. Which are one of the most prestigious awards available in the sex toy industry. Every year Red Dot select all beautiful toys and award them based on several distinct characteristics. Along with the design awards, OVO has received several special mentions for for elegant designs. ovo_design-awards_en

The German based design company has sold vibrators all over the world, including Australia. Within Australia OneStopAdultShop sells the vibrators with a special category dedicated to OVO. The entired range is split up into two sub-categories, rechargeable and battery operated vibrators. The rechargeable range, otherwise known as ‘E’ is made up of six premium quality vibrators. Each of the six vibrators serves a different purpose, from clitoral stimulation, to G-Spot and beyond. The E2 vibrator is a multi-purpose vibrator that has a long shaft and a slight curve to the body. At the base of E2 is a button that allows the user to change through the seven modes of vibration. Like all OVO vibrators, E2 comes with a 15 year quality guarantee. E3 is similar to the E2 vibrator, with the only difference being the shape of the tip. E3 comes with a slightly flat head that will allow you to use E3 for intense G-Spot stimulation. The E4 rechargeable vibrator can be used for both internal and external vibrator. The seven mode vibrator has a flat face that will rest on the outside of your vagina, providing intense vibration to a large surface area. E5 is a non-phallic rabbit style vibrator that packs a serious punch in a compact body. The head will massage your G-Spot while the small tickler teases your clitoris. The final product in the ‘E’ range is the E6 vibrator. E^ is a non-phallic rabbit style vibrator, much like E5. E6 differs in the shape of the body, with a slight curve.

The ‘F’ range of OVO vibrators are all battery operated.  Just like the ‘E’ range, battery operated OVO vibrators come with a 15 year warranty and are al shower proof. The vibrators are made from a premium grade silicone that is 100% body-safe. The range consist of several different designs that serve different purposes. All vibrators from the ‘F’ range can be used for internal and external vibration. The F2 vibrator is a water drop shaped vibrator that has a small, roung head, making it ideal for internal stimulation. The F3 vibrator is long and slightly curved in the middle. The curve will sit perfectly over your labia, massaging your clitoris and all around your vagina. F4 is a similar shape to the F3 in that the curve will cover your vagina. F4 is also perfect as a G-Spot massager. All of the vibrators in the range has been designed for pleasure and safety. The premium quality materials will feel luxurious against your skin. For more information about OVO vibrators, please feel free to contact OneStopAdultShop.